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"Home of the beautiful
Welcome to our Puppies Available Page.  
Here is where you can meet the beautiful
Doodle Creek Babies!
Click on the links below to see what we all
have available. We are also taking
reservations on our exciting
Planned Litters
coming up this Fall to Winter.
Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
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We are planning a Puppy Viewing Date for Saturday, April 27, 2019
from 2:00-4:00 pm! This is for all people who would like to see the litter
from which they have reserved. Also if there are other interested clients,
you are welcome to attend as well providing you have NOT visited any
other breeders or kennels prior to your visit here (I don't want my
puppies getting unwanted diseases from other breeders).
contact me if you plan to attend!
Doodle Creek is excited to unveil the new kennel we have been
planning for the last number of years! We have now opened this
state of the art facility and we will be happy to have you in at our
next posted open house date!