Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
"Home of the beautiful
Photo Gallery!!
Many of you probably wonder what all happens in a
day's time here at Doodle Creek. In order to give you a
small glimpse of life here, we have provided photos of
us and our dogs. We enjoy walking, running and
simply doing whatever with them around the farm and
on the walking trail beside our property. They love all
the wide open space of the farm! Enjoy the pictures
and we'll add more as time goes along!
Baby, Cassie, Galaxy and Kokamo
enjoying the beautiful winter day.
Out for a walk on the trail with our daughter.
Chewing on ice chunks is the best!
Sammy, Bentley,
and Georgie all on
"If we find something tasty,
we'll all be there!"
"Time for a Poodle meeting!"
Galaxy, Kokamo, and Lola
Galaxy, Baby, and Autumn