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Paisley's Puppies ~ Meduim Multigen
Olde English Goldendoodle Puppies!
Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
This page was last updated November 23, 2017!
Side photos of each puppy are posted to show full colour markings.
Paisley and and Duffy have had their long awaited litter of Medium
Multigen Olde English Goldendoodles! There are six girls and two boys
in total. Stunning as can be, they are exactly what we were hoping for!
Most have the perfect tuxedo markings and two of the girls even have
the tri coloured markings. Above all, these puppies will have very loyal,
loving personalities and will make perfect family companions. If you are
looking for a dog that will stick to your side and simply be a good friend
at all times, these guys will not disappoint you. They were bred to be
wonderful dogs that people can enjoy being around. These puppies will
have that beautiful round Teddybear look to them as well! The puppies  
range in colour from black and white to tri coloured. The Medium Olde
English Goldendoodles will be in that 35-50 pound range and 18-21
inches at the shoulders as adults so just that perfect mid sized dog.
They will come with their first vaccinations, vet check, dewormed,
microchipped, as well as our two year written genetic health guarantee.
If you are interested in reserving a puppy from this litter, we would ask
that you complete our online
Application and we will get back to you
with further details regarding the completion of your reservation. This
litter is priced at $4000. The tri coloured females are $4500.
Reservations are still available.
Female 1 - Available!
Price - $4000
Female 2 - Moving
to Chicago!
Female 3 - Moving
to Toronto!
Female 4 - Moving
to Uxbridge!
Female 5 - Moving
to Toronto!
Female 6 - Available!
Price - $4000
Male 1 - Available!
Price - $4000
Male 2 - Moving to