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Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
On this page you will see how our Medium Goldendoodles look
when they are a little older and grown up. This will give you an idea
what to expect if you would like a Medium Goldendoodle.
What our clients have to say about
their Medium Goldendoodle...
Sophie is an F1 Medium Goldendoodle from Cassie and
Rumour. This is what her owner says:

Hi Nathan,
Hope you are having a great summer!  Hope you liked the last
set of photos I sent several months ago. I just wanted to send a
few more pictures now that I believe Sophie is fully grown. I
know you had mentioned that this was the first litter for
Cassie and Rumour and you wanted some feed back. At 10
months old she is about 35 pounds.  She is such an amazing
dog....we love her to pieces!  She has a wonderful disposition,
Her coat is beautiful although we did cut her back for the
summer. It is fairly straight, but silky and of course light in
colour. Training has gone very well and she listens well to all
commands.  We couldn't have asked for a better addition to
our family!!

Will keep in touch,
Sam is an F1 Medium Goldendoodle from Cassie and Rumour. This is what her owner says:

HI Marilou and Nathan ! Well, this pup continues to amaze us....He is SO intelligent.  He now likes to use his paws
like hands and play with his toys. He entertains himself making up games as we have never seen a dog do...This
week the Amazon parrot flew down to the floor and started eating dog food WITH Sam.  I was watching carefully in
case Sam"s instincts took over, but he just stood back and let Bert eat a few kibbles and then the bird flew away and
Sam went back to eating. I had explained to Sam when we brought him home that the parrot was part of the family
and he has NEVER forgotten......I have officially registered him as an AKC Canine Partner and his official name for
obedience trials is  "  Yankee Doodle Sam  ".  The AKC sure is fussy about what name we choose, but that one was

I am now on a mission to find a club here in our area that is up to date and offering competition for the mixed
breeds....So far no luck, but I am also searching for the best class trainer I can find.   Sam is a very sensitive pup and
CANNOT handle , nor does he need harsh training. I want to be sure I find a class trainer that will not break his

He has been testing the " pack order " this past month. Didn't want to have his nails trimmed. We had a  " discussion
" about this ( I stared him down and won ) and then he relented. Tomorrow on nail trimming day I will see if he
remembers...Toothbrushing also all of a sudden became something he felt utterly unnecessary, so we had a talk about
that too. I find it great fun to let him know I speak " dog ".

By the way- Those "tear stains" I was wondering about never happened. His eyes are bright and clear and absolutely
no stain. It was just some markings that grew out. We like his coat. While it appears to be coming in with more off
the maternal wave and texture, he doesn't shed at all. I am a little surprised. I guess it is hair even though it looks
like golden fur....Very Nice !

Sending some photos now. Can't figure out how to do more than one at a time so they will come separate. These
computers are nice but sure do baffle me.


A few weeks later...

Hi Nathan !   Wanted to send a note before I forget....Last night Sam jumped up on the bed and woke me by licking
and licking.....I thought it funny that he would have to go out at 2 AM, but I climbed out of bed and stood in the door
and he wouldn't move off the bed.... I thought for a minute and guessed he was telling me to shut the bedroom
windows !   Last week we had a storm and I woke up and shut the windows as rain was starting to come in.....Sam
remembered that  incident  !    Wen we went to bed last night it was very calm, but  when I didn't wake up for the
high winds he knew it was his " dog work " to rouse me.......After I closed the windows he was satisfied and got down
and went back to his spot on the floor and back to sleep...

I have had only one other dog in my life that would tell me when things weren't quite right around the house ( a
greyhound ).......Either you have are breeding " SUPER DOGS " or I picked the smartest dog on the face of the
Earth.....you decide !     I already know  : )       Deb
Indy is an F1 Medium Goldendoodle from Cassie and Rumour.
His owners couldn't wish for a better dog:

Hi Nathan, how are you? We're just getting back to you about
our Indy! He's almost year old now and is weighing around 50
pounds. I just had to let you know how extremely happy we
are with him, he's the best dog we could have asked for. He's
absolutely adorable, every where we go people stop us and tell
us how cute he is. He's also such a smart dog, training him
was so easy! He's super friendly and loves literally every
person he meets. He's always excited to see his family, and
doesn't care where he is as long as he's with us. He just
LOVES running around. We always take him for runs in the
park or on the lake during the winter, he could play around
forever. He adores swimming during the summer and playing
in the snow. He's the most friendly, loving, and
sweet-tempered dog I've ever met in my life and we cannot
thank you enough for giving him to us.

Best wishes,
The Mardero Family.

I've added just a few pictures of him... he's so playful that it's
hard to get him to sit still long enough to take them. Enjoy
and feel free to post any of this on the site, thanks again!
Lucy is an F1 Medium Goldendoodle from Cassie and Rumour. If
you are wondering if these dogs love the water, YES they do!!! This
is what her owner says:

I hope you and your family are doing well.
I'm enjoying Lucy so much!! She is such a good puppy. She is calm,
smart, sweet and very loving.  She has attended puppy class which
was basically just playing with other puppies! Actually they taught
us to socialize our puppies as much as possible and a few methods for
training. Lucy has seen a lot in her young age!! I take her to my
friends house and she has to investigate the whole place first and
then she can relax!  I have been leaving her out of the crate when I
go to work. She is confined to the kitchen area but doesn't chew or
misbehave (yet anyways!). I think it's because she is so tuckered out
from her walks with me and her dog walker!
We just got back from up north at my parents house. Her and Lilly
get along so well. It's really nice to see. She likes to swim as well!
She watched Lilly and then copied her. She needs a bit of coaxing
but she does get in there and splash around. So cute to see!

Thank you for giving me such a beautiful creature! I couldn't as for a
better puppy.

Kind regards,

P.S. Lucy just had her first hair cut. I love it! And she likes it better
because it much cooler!
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Sprocket is an F1 Medium from Cassie and Rumour.  What a stunning dog! Some of the pictures are when she is two years old. This is
Hi Nathan and Marilou,

I hope you're both doing well and had a great summer.  I just wanted to share some pictures of Sprocket with you (she's named after
the dog from Fraggle Rock) and thank you both for such a great puppy.  Sprocket's an amazing dog and I couldn't be any happier with
her!  She's lost most of her puppy fur now and her "grown up" fur is a really nice sandy brown and she's nice and fluffy, which I love.  
At 6 months Sprocket was just over 25 pounds and she's definitely growing more slowly now, so I can't wait to see what she's going to
look like as she gets older (I can't get over how similar some of Cassie & Rumour's other puppies look!).
I really think she must be the smartest dog in the world.  We went to puppy class in the spring and she was a superstar.  On the last
day we played some challenge type games and Sprocket won the grand prize for being top of the class.  Once winter rolls around we're
going to get back into classes together.  I'm thinking maybe agility since she loves to jump.  It's pretty cute - there's no door from our
house right into the backyard, so since she was tiny we always pick her up and carry her to the backyard.  She's so used to it that she
likes to "help" out...she'll wait at the door or gate and when you get close, she'll leap 4 feet in the air, completely trusting that you'll
catch her in mid air.  It's my favourite part of the day.
We've been going to the cottage every weekend and Sprocket LOVES it!  She's not much of a swimmer yet, but does go wading, so I've
got high hopes for next summer.  She loves all the freedom...chasing chipmunks, riding in the boat, and playing with the other dogs.  
Sprocket's such a funny dog...she'll track birds (and planes) all the way across the sky and is completely fascinated by them, but she
doesn't feel the need to chase the Canadian geese away when they wander up out of the water.  She just sits on the deck and watches
them with a wise look on her face.  She's too cute!
I can't stop checking the website and looking at all the cute puppies.  Don't be surprised if you get a call from me one day, looking for
puppy number two.  In the meantime, I couldn't decide, so here's a bunch of photos...some are from when she was little and the latest
are from around 7 months.  Cute eh?

Thanks again,

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Harley is an F1 medium goldendoodle from
Cassie and Rumour.  Just look at his amazing
coat! This is what his owners say:

Hello Nathan and Marilou,

I hope all is well with you and your family!

I thought I would send you a couple pictures of
our sweet pea, Harley, taken at 5 months old
:)  The first one is Harley playing Twister
with the kids and the second he is with our
daughter.  He is absolutely adorable!  He is
about 25 lbs now and growing every day.  Our
vet thinks he will reach 40 lbs when all is said
and done.  Harley is a very attractive dog with
an amazing soft coat that is turning golden on
his back and ears.   We are constantly stopped
by strangers when we walk him who think he
is the cutest thing and want to know the breed.
Harley fits so well in our lives, our children
just love him and he loves them in return.  He
has an amazing temperament; (Nathan, you
were right about which puppy would suit our
family) he is calm, yet playful, not hyper but
a little spunky.  He is very loving and so
intelligent!  We have taught him a few tricks
and he is very obedient.  We couldn’t ask for a
better dog!

Thank you so much for breeding such a
quality Goldendoodle!  

I’ll send more pics as he grows.

Kind regards,

Suzanne and family
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Oliver is an F1 Medium Goldendoodle from Cassie and
Rumour. This is what his owner says:

Hi Nathan,

I'm writing to tell you how pleased we are with our Oliver.  
He's everything we'd hoped for in a goldendoodle puppy.  
He's very outgoing, affectionate and generous (he loves to
share his toys with us). Some evenings he'll gather all his
toys and drop them together at our feet.  Then he'll take one
toy at a time and offer it to us to see if we want to play with it
too.  He's also an incredibly enthusiastic swimmer, retrieving
sticks and just paddling around with us while we're floating
on the pond.  He also learns very quickly.

In short, he's a wonderful puppy.  He stands almost 20 inches
and weighs over 20 lbs at 5 months, so we're waiting to see
what he'll look like next year.

I'm attaching a couple of photos for you to see how handsome
he is and to share on your website if you'd like. (The one on
the chair was taken about a week ago).

Thanks so much for Ollie,

Jane and Carl,
Middlesex VT
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Cosmo is an F1 Medium Goldendoodle from Galaxy and Rumour. He is such a wonderful dog and his owner, Sarah is so in love!! He is now
doing agility and is a pro! Some of the pictures are when he is over a year old.

Hi Nathan,

I thought I would send you an update on Cosmo (Galaxy x Rumour) as he is almost 7 months old now.   He has grown into a beautiful dog
with a very interesting coat.  For a while he got lighter in colour and now he has thicker darker hair coming in a long his back and down
his shoulders.  He is very fluffy and soft!!  Obedience training moved along very quickly for him and he excelled at the trainers in a one on
one environment.  The trainer said it was the quickest she has ever seen a pup learn.  He still knows all of his commands but decides when
he is going to listen.  He gets so excited in public situations that the training kind of goes out the window, but he just loves people and
other dogs so much.   Cosmo knows sit, down, come, circle, wave and shake just by hand signals.  He can heel (when he wants to) and sits
when i stop without any command.  Coming when called off leash is not always successful and we need to work on that one.   Over the
summer I installed an invisible fence and Cosmo took to it right away and we have never had a problem.  He completely respects his
boundaries and he knows them better than me.

Cosmo was great at the cottage this summer and likes to swim but on his own command.  He also did some paddling on the surf board with
me around the lake.   The only problem i have with him at the cottage is he is obsessed with eating mushrooms!  I cannot let him loose and
even on a leash all the time he finds them faster than me.  It terrifies me as I know many of them are toxic.  I think i had my hand down
his throat about 10 times last weekend.  The mushrooms better be gone soon!

I’m not sure if my Therapy dog plan is going to work out right away or not, I will have to see how he is in a couple of years when he settles
down.  He loves kids but is still too excitable.   I have three kids next door that often come over and play with him and they taught him
how to play leap frog.  They  run around in a circle with Cosmo chasing them and then they drop to the ground and Cosmo jumps over all
three of them.  I took Cosmo to school last week as a trial run and had some of the kids do some training with him.  They taught him how
to go down the slide and thought this was hilarious.  I think Cosmo enjoyed it too as he kept running back up for more.    If my therapy dog
plan doesn’t work out I think his true calling is going to be agility.  We started when he was 4 months old and he absolutely loves it.  The
only complaint is that he is too fast and my trainer keeps telling me to “slow him down” and that is not an easy task.  Cosmo loves to run
and is fast!   His favourite obstacle is the A-frame and when not training and just loose in the ring he will run around and up over it just
for fun.  He also caught on to the weave poles really quick and seems to really enjoy doing that as well.

Thanks for a great dog, I am having lots of fun with him.  I look forward to seeing pictures from Galaxy’s next litter.

Take care,

Sarah and Cosmo
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~