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Katie's Puppies ~ Multigen
English  Goldendoodles!
Katie and Dallas have finally had their long anticipated litter of one
girl and four boys! They arrived May 6, 2018. They will be ready for
their new homes July 7, 2018.
 Katie and Dallas are both wonderful
dogs. Katie is very gentle and docile dog with a very pleasant
demeanour. Dallas is a dog with an outgoing personality and will
make friends immediately with whoever he meets. This combination
of personalities will create the perfect family pet. Their fleece to
loosed curled coats will be an excellent choice for those who suffer
from allergies. These puppies will be approximately 30-50 pounds
and 18-21 inches tall as adults. If you are looking for a mid sized pet
that is great for allergies, this is the right  litter for you! They will
come vet checked with their first shots, dewormed, microchipped,
given Revolution (fleas, ticks, and heartworm), as well as a two year
written Guarantee against genetic illnesses. If you are interested in
reserving a puppy from this litter, we would ask that you complete
our online
Application and we will get back to you with further
details regarding the completion of your reservation.
These puppies are priced at $3250 for the cream, apricot/white, $4000
for black and white and brown and white. All prices include tax.
Reservations are still available.
Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
This page was last updated September 15, 2018!
34 lbs - 19" tall
44 lbs - 20" tall
Molly- Available!
Price - $4000
Molly is such a good girl! She's got the
best combination of being calm and
relaxed as well as having energy to get
involved with your daily activities. She's
going to make a perfect companion for
someone looking for a dog that will be
loyal and loving. Molly will be a fun
playful dog but will also like to chill and
relax when playtime is over. Her
wavy/curly coat will be very low to non
shedding. She's also got a very stunning
black and white coat that will definitely
stand out  when you walk her down the
street on those morning and evening
strolls! Get in touch with us if you were
interested in reserving Molly.
See video of these guys on our Instagram account!
Chase- Now Sold!
Moving to Kingston!

Chase is wonderful boy that brings so
much joy and life to Doodle Creek. He is
going to be a very entertaining dog that
will make his family laugh every day!
He's just got that funny, goofy
personality that makes you smile every
time he looks into your eyes. :) Just like
Molly, he's got that wavy/curly coat that
will be low to non shedding. Chase has
peach and white markings give him a
unique look that  you won't find too
often. He's a great looking dog with a
beautiful, friendly demeanour. His face
is beautiful as well and everyone who
meets him will fall in love with him.  Get
in touch with us if you were interested
in reserving Chase.