Doodle Creek Inc. Guarantee

We, Doodle Creek Inc., guarantee up to and no more than 24 months after the date of sale against all genetic illnesses. Buyer agrees
that if the dog remains on 4 Strong Paws food and NuVet Vitamins for three years and six months, the genetic guarantee will be
extended to a three year, six month term. Should a genetic illness appear within this time period, we will either replace the puppy with
another of equal value or we will reimburse you the amount of and no greater than the purchase price of the puppy.  In this situation,
we will require a letter of diagnosis from your vet along with his/her telephone number before any reimbursement occurs. Doodle
Creek Inc. also reserves the right to have the dog examined, ex-rayed, and health tested by their own veterinarians prior to providing
reimbursement. In the event of a puppy replacement, we will assume no shipping costs. We, the sellers, take no responsibility for any
veterinarian costs whatsoever after the puppy or dog leaves the premises of Doodle Creek Inc.
Buyer shall have the dog spayed/neutered within the first 11 months of age and a certificate of spay/neuter shall be provided to
Doodle Creek Inc. before the dog turns 12 months of age. If a spay/neuter certificate is not provided before the dog turns 12 months of
age, this Guarantee shall be null and void.
Buyer agrees to take full responsibility of his/her dog, providing quality food, shelter, exercise, and proper training. We do understand
that circumstances sometimes come up where a dog owner is not longer able to provide properly for his/her dog. Should the buyer not
be able to adequate care for the dog, the dog must be returned to Doodle Creek Inc. for re-homing. Never shall a Doodle Creek Inc. dog
be taken to an animal shelter to be re-homed. We are responsible breeders ensuring that all our dogs live in loving homes with owners
who are able to provide for the social and physical, and mental well-being of their dogs. In the event that the dog is returned to Doodle
Creek Inc. within two weeks after purchase, 50% of the purchase price will be returned to the Buyer. If the dog is returned to Doodle
Creek Inc. after two weeks of purchase, no reimbursement shall be given.

Breed: ______________________________     Gender: ____________________

Colour: _____________________________      Date of Birth: _____________________

Purchase Price: ______________________       Date of Sale: _____________________

Buyer’s Name, Address, Phone #: _______________________________________


I, ______________________________, agree to all of the above conditions.          
Buyer’s Signature                                                                                         

Nathan Erb
Doodle Creek Inc.

Dated on the ________ day of _________, 20____.         

Send signed & dated form to:  

Doodle Creek Inc.                                                    
C/O Nathan & Marilou Erb
RR #1 Atwood ON
N0G 1B0              

Guarantee is void if not returned with buyer’s signature within 45 days from date of sale.
Please keep one copy for your records.