On this page you will see how our Standard English Goldendoodles look
when they are a little older and grown up. This will give you an idea
what to expect if you would like a Standard English Goldendoodle.
What our clients have to say about
their Standard English Goldendoodle...
Howie is a Standard English Goldendoodle from Emmy and Max. He's got that amazing shaggy coat!
Hi Nathan, Marilou and family!

Hope you are enjoying our "spring-like" weather! I'm loving the sunshine but miss the beautiful snow. I thought you might like an update
on Howie for the 2 1/2 months we've had him.
We adore Howie and the feeling is mutual. He is happy, healthy (35 lbs and growing), and full of energy! The kids think it's funny that he
likes vegetables better than they do, how he buries his head in the snow, and the way he likes to sneak into the bathtub with our 6
year-old! My husband has built him the most amazing dog house ever--a miniature version of our garage (Howie is still unsure about the
doghouse--he prefers to be in the "peoplehouse"--but the kids seem to love going into it!) He is, quite simply, part of our family.
Howie loves EVERYONE, especially kids, and has a very gentle disposition. He and I had to take my 6 year old to school late one day and
there he was,  surrounded by 30ish excited, squealing children who were pushing their way to see him and he was just loving it! Today,
there was a couple of children delivering flyers onto our front porch. They walked right past our front window and the only sound I heard
was his wagging tail hitting the window! He did, however, seem disappointed that they weren't coming in for a visit!
Howie is, for the most part, a quiet fellow and only barks when someone comes to the door, when he wants to come inside, or when asked to
"speak" (oh yeah, and when he's playing--then he barks a lot), but has also learned the word "quiet". He learned to ring a bell to go outside
in less than a day. Needless to say, he learns quickly. We just finished puppy obedience classes and he brought home 4 ribbons!  Howie is a
star of "the stay" and "the recall" and did the best tricks (roll-over, high-five, and speak). He is not a lover of the speed commands (sit, down,
and stand); I don't think he really sees the point of sitting when he's just got quite comfortable laying down!
I'm attaching a bunch of pictures--I see Max and Emmy are expecting again and thought you may want to pick a few of them to show off
your standard goldendoodles on the website.

Thanks again for Howie, he's a great friend!

The Gaffney Family
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"Home of the beautiful
Atwood, ON
Enzo is a Standard English Goldendoodle from Emmy
and Max. He has more of a Retriever look to him :).

Dear Nathan,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I sincerely hope
you and your family had a great holiday and enjoyed the
magic of Christmas with little ones around.
I'm writing to send you a few pictures of Enzo and
update you on how he is doing.  This little guy could not
be a greater delight in our lives.  He is so many things.  
He is bright, smart, playful, funny, incredibly
affectionate, and very social.  He makes us laugh and
brings such joy everyday.  He loves other dogs and
people of all ages.  He has been very easy to train and is
loving puppy classes.  He is really the perfect family
dog.  At 16 weeks he was 28.5 pounds and I'm sure is
well over 30 pounds now at 18 weeks.  He has looked
like he got most of his genes from Max, looking very
much like a golden retriever.  However in the last few
weeks his coat is starting to look very wavy and more
like a golden doodle.  So there is some of Emmy in him
after all!  
I will send more pictures as he gets older and keep you
up to date with how he is doing.  I hope all his siblings
are doing as well as he is and look forward to seeing
their pictures on the website.

All the best,

Karen, Cameron, Sarah, Marissa and Enzo.
Kona is a Standard English Goldendoodle from Emmy and Max. He's got that amazing fleece coat! Read what his owners have to say!

Hi Nathan and family,

Hope all is well with you.  Michael and I just wanted to send a little Kona update to let you know how he is doing.  
Kona has grown to love summer despite the hot temperatures this year.  We just got back from a mini vacation to Collingwood.  He stayed
in a hotel like a champ, and loved to hike the trails with us.  We bought a small pool for Kona to help beat the heat and he LOVES to sit in
the cool water and play with his baseball.  He has grown quite a bit over the past few months, but I think his growing has just slowed
down ..... He weighed in at 55lbs at his last vet visit in May and will likely be close to 60lbs when we have him weighed this week when
he visits the groomer for his much needed 'summer hair cut'.
We easily take Kona everywhere with us.  Both of our parents have pools and he LOVES to watch us swim and chill in his pool in the
shade.  We haven't had him in the people pools because of all his fur .... he would just be too heavy!  We are going up north in September
and think he will love to swim in the lake.  
I have never met a dog that is more easy going, caring, loving and sweet.  He follows my husband around like a little side kick.  I don't
think we have heard him bark in over a month!  My parents and Michael's parents adore Kona.  He is so gentle with kids, loves all dogs,
and all people.  I am already planning his first birthday party :).
I have attached some photos and you are welcome to share these - if anyone is asking about Goldendoodles please pass along my email.  I
am a first time dog owner and would love to share our story!!  
I am not sure if you can do this due to confidentality, but I know one of Kona's siblings went to Oakville and we would love to get in
touch and meet up for a walk - you could pass along my email address and that way they could decide.  Just a thought.
Thanks again for the best furry friend we could have hoped for!

Angie, Michael and Kona  
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