On this page you will see how our Medium English Goldendoodles look
when they are a little older and grown up. This will give you an idea
what to expect if you would like a Medium English Goldendoodle.
What our clients have to say about
their Medium English Goldendoodle...
Rusty is a Medium English Goldendoodle from Flicka and Rumour. Read what Galina
has to say about him!

Hi Nathan,

Rusty is growing up fast.  He's now around 30 lbs, I think (don't have a scale to
measure).  Rusty enjoys walks, running around leash free, playing fetch (He's a true
retriever) and a tug of war.  He's very calm compared to other puppies his age, but he
also loves to play and making new friends.  His coat is growing long, so I guess I'll need
to get it trimmed but he sheds very little.
Here are two photos taken on him in the last week or so.  Do you have any of the photos
of his much younger self, that I may have to complete his photo album?  
Do you know how his siblings are doing?  Hope they are well too.
Cheers! Galina
"Home of the beautiful
Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
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Ranger is a Medium English Goldendoodle from Angel and Rumour. He is such a pleasant dog to own for Joy. Read what she has to say
about him...

Dear Nathan and Marilou:

I just returned from a trip to Atlanta to visit my cousin.  She is the one who was considering looking at your Doodles a couple of months
ago.  Turned out that neither she nor her husband were able to come to Toronto after all….so no hunting.  Just recently she found a
miniature schnauzer who needed a home and so he is now part of their family.
In the meantime, Bill and I have been having a great time with our Ranger B.  I am the full-time trainer and 99% of the time walker, play
toy and feeder!  Bill babysits when I’m out on work projects or travelling solo.  He gets the benefits of cuddles and treat beggings.  He does,
however, lose his pillow and side of the bed immediately after he gets up.  Like clockwork, every morning Ranger waits for Bill’s exit,
jumps up on the bed, lays his head on Bill’s pillow and continues to nap until I get up.  No more sleeping in the crate at night.
Been a while since I’ve sent some photos so have attached the more recent ones.  Ranger is about 35 pounds now.  I mentioned to our Vet that
you had thought he’d be around 45lbs. as an adult.   She’s pretty convinced that if he got to 45 lbs. that we’re feeding him too much!  We’ll
see (on both counts!).  
Ranger has a girlfriend – a chocolate lab named Misha, who is two weeks older than he.  I merely mention her name and he goes crazy
looking all around and checking all the doors for her.  You can imagine how crazy they are when together!  Misha’s Mom and I try to have
regular play dates for our “kids”.  The attached photo is one a few months ago after much playing in the gardens and pool…a mess!!
Ranger enjoyed his first experience with snow the other day.  Came to a screeching halt just outside our front door. Bent down to check out
the white stuff.  Stuck his nose in it.  Licked it.  Put a tentative paw on it then proceeded to charge all over the yard in circles, jumping and
rolling.  Guess snow passed the test.  Can’t wait when we have a BIG snowstorm to see what happens.
Can’t help but tell you that EVERYONE who has met Ranger cannot say enough about how cute he is.  Haven’t given him a hair cut yet
except a bit of a trim around the eyes, mouth and chin.  So he is quite the Teddy bear.  Not only is he adorably cute but he is truly a sweet
boy (most of the time!) with a wonderful “smile”, is a very quick learner and will use it against me sometimes when he just doesn’t want to
behave or listen!  Good treats usually bring him around though.  Very smart (too smart!)…knows what his “Wubba” is and will go find it
and bring it to me when asked.  
Ranger is truly a wonderful pup and so glad he’s in our lives.  I completely understand the comments other buyers have written about their
pups from you.  A lady came over to me while in PetSmart the other day asking what type of dog Ranger is.  She had her two young
children with her.  I explained what kind Ranger is and she was so taken by him (as were the kids) that she is going to investigate further.  
Hope she gets in touch with you!
Will continue to stay in touch.  January is planned to be the “fix” month.  Will see if there are any personality changes afterwards!

All the best to you and your family this Christmas!
Warmest regards,

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Cody is a Medium English Goldendoodle from Star and

Hi Nathan,

I wanted to send you some updated pictures now that Cody
(Star and Rumor's litter born May 2011) is full grown (he
has reached 60 lbs) and cuter than ever! He definitely took
after his mother in terms of his body shape, he has a
wonderful solid/stockier build, which I don't generally see
in doodles. Every time we take him for a walk we get
stopped by strangers that comment on how cute he is (and
we couldn't agree more). He's also grown up to be a calm,
loving, playful companion. We couldn't be happier!


p.s. Because of Cody's wonderful and endearing
personality, my parents are considering an F1 mini
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Cooper is a Medium English Goldendoodle from Angel and Rumour. His owners got everything they wished for in him!!

Hi Nathan and Marilou,
We wanted to send you an update and some photos about Cooper. Cooper is our medium Doodle, his parents are Angel and Rumour. I
remember you mentioning that it was Angel's first little and that you wanted some photos of their puppies.
I remember when we first met Cooper, he was seven weeks old and hiding under some shelves playing with an empty jug, he came out
and sat right in my lap - it was love at first sight. Cooper is now just over nine months old, he weighed 34 lbs in mid December. Cooper
has a dark apricot coat and white face with red ears. His coat is wooly and curly. We kept him quite short in the summer but have let his
curls grow in over the winter. He has an adorable teddy bear face, people at the park often joke that we could sit him in a pile of stuffed
toys and no one would be able to tell he was real.
He is a wonderful dog, he loves to play, especially with other dogs and is extremely polite and well mannered. He loves the snow, the
water and being outside. He is the perfect dog for our long canoe trips - as soon as we get to a camp site Cooper finds a stick and a shady
spot and lays right down. He does great in the tent at night as well.
Cooper is also the most loving pet. He still thinks he is a small puppy and crawls into our laps for a snuggle. He wants to be wherever we
are, sleeping close by. He has always found the most interesting ways to sleep as well, usually on his back with his paws up in the air, or
twisted into a tiny space.
He is very obedient and was quick to learn commands. Within four days of coming to us Cooper could sit and lay down. He was fully
housebroken by August. We have never had a problem with Cooper chewing furniture or destroying our things - he sticks to killing his
own toys and chewing on his pizzles and antlers.
Cooper is absolutely the sweetest dog in the world. He is very intuitive, he knows when you are feeling sad and comes right away to
snuggle. He greets everyone who visits our home with a toy in his mouth, never a bark or a peep. In fact the only time he gets noisy is
when he has to come home from the park!
If you ever wondered if breeding Angel and Rumour was a good idea, we can tell you absolutely it was!! Cooper is an absolute delight, he
is the perfect mix of active and loving and fits right into our lives. Cooper also gets to play with his brother Oscar every once and a
while, and when we get the two of them together it is usually a huge blur of doodles!!
Thank you so much for our wonderful Cooper, he is more than we could ever have asked for, and we are so happy to have him in our
lives and are not sure what we did before we got him.
I have attached some photos of Cooper over the past nine months. Please feel free to post them on your website!
All the best,
Erin, Rich and Cooper
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Tucker is a Medium English Goldendoodle
from Flicka and Rumour. They love him!!

Hi Nathan,

I’m sorry that we have not sent any updates
about Tucker but all is well.  He is a fantastic
addition to our family and we feel like he has
always been part of our family.
I have attached a few pictures just taken this
past week. Tucker of course is the smartest
dog we have ever met. He aced doggy school
and is moving on to intermediate training.
We have decided to put him on an agility
team next spring because he is the most
amazing jumper and runner.
We hope you and your family are well.

All the best from Ottawa,

Trevor, Danielle, Hunter, Delaney and
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Guiness is a Medium English Goldendoodle from Star

Hi Nathan

Thought I would send along an update on Guiness as
well as some photos. Please choose any you wish to
post on your website.
We had a rough start with Guiness being sick for
many months. His immune system was
supressed/comprimised so it was one infection after
another, all on top of a very sensitive stomach. Mind
you, it did not affect his energy and play levels.  
Thankfully,  all is well now.
Guiness has successfully accomplished puppy school
and basic obedience and obtained a reputation of being
"the life of the party".    Without doubt, he has alot of
his mom in him, a true retriever at heart who loves to
chase the ball, tug of war, play chase with other dogs
and sit at my feet for cuddles. He only has a reset
button when it comes to his energy levels.
At 10.5 months he weighs around 40 lbs.  He is truly a
very, very good and gentle dog. Nothing in the home
has ever been chewed or damaged.  He is great around
kids at the park, just sits and lets them pet him.  
Guiness is smart and quick to learn but does have a
mind of his own and lets me know vocally when he is
not in agreement with my decisions.  He loves peanut
butter, rib bones, salmon fillets and his chew ropes.  
He attends doggie daycare and is so happy to see his
friends.   Some days I think I should of named him
Romeo cause his good looks (maybe I am bias) always
result in people stopping us and commenting how
beautiful he is.  

Guiness is a blessing of joy and love and I could not
imagine life without him.

Thanks Nathan for breeding such a great dog!