Juno is a puppy from Juno and Bentley's
Summer 2009 litter.  This lucky little guy
was named after his Mom!  Here is a note
from his new family.

Hi Nathan:
We thought we'd send you some seasonal
greetings from Juno Jr. He is doing well
and at 5 months of age just had his first
hair cut - just a trim around the eyes and
feet. He is a wonderful puppy - he has lots
of energy and loves to be cuddled. We are
very pleased with the new addition to our
family. Juno is a joy to have around the

Here are some pictures of Juno. He is such
a beautiful puppy. He looks like his Mom
but has Bentley's gorgeous apricot colour.
Everywhere we go he gets lots of attention
and compliments.

We hope you and your family are doing
well. Happy Holidays and all the very best
for a terrific 2010!

Warm regards,
Patty, Bill and Paige (and Juno)
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Meet Brewster! She is a puppy from Juno and Bentley's first litter as well.
Read what her owner in sunny California has to say about her.

Hi Nathan,

Happy Holidays!  I hope this email finds you and your wife doing well and
enjoying the holiday season.  Brewster has received all of her puppy shots,
seen her first rain and snow storms and is doing well.  She is very friendly
and has lots of good energy.  She loves to lick and cuddle and has a bounce
in her step that is very cute and comical.  I’ve been taking her to puppy
classes the past two months and she’s quickly learning simple cues like sit,
down and stay as well as how to walk on a leash.  She likes to play with
the four year old dog in our house and to meet other dogs and people on
walks in the neighborhood or at the dog park.  She weighs about 9lb now
and has been growing ~0.5lb a week for the past month.  She is adorable
and gets compared to a teddy bear on a daily basis.

I am visiting my family in New England for Christmas and got to take the
little jet setter with me.  She handled the trip well and has loved the snow
and all the new people.  We’re about to drive to Connecticut to see the rest
of the family for the Christmas weekend, which includes one adult dog and
two seven month old puppies!  I think Brewster will have a ball.  

I had a question for you about what age you think is best for her to be
spayed.  Most people I know have spayed their dogs at 6 months, but the
vet recommended to wait until 7-8 months.  I wanted to see if you agreed
and if you had a guess as to when she might go into her first heat?  

Thank you very much for Brewster, she has been such a delight.  I hope
Juno and Bentley are doing well as well as the rest of their July litter.

All the best,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Barney is also a puppy from Juno and Bentley's first litter. Jim is absolutely
in love with this little guy; read what he has to say.


Please see pictures of my best friend Barney.  He is one of the smartest dogs
I have ever had.  And one of the cleanest.  He is a little rascal though.  He
loves to chase rabbits (and he catches them too).  Barney is fast, he can run
and jump.
You should see him jump and fast as a blur, but you probably know these
guys are full of energy.  The pictures have been taken today, he was at the
groomers yesterday.  Oh yea, Barney loves to dig, the classic dog burying
his  bones type puppy.  He is just over 8 months.  He is a lot of company.  I
know your busy so I will keep this short.

...next email...

I was totally shocked when he caught his first rabbit. I think it was a
young one but yea he loves those rascally-rabbits.  And those rabbits are
lightning fast, but Barney is faster,  He can run like the wind and loves to
fetch his ball (especially the green one you sent with him) and I got him a
frisbee.  He still sleeps with his little blankie from Nathan. He can be a
handfull-a loving handfull. I just make sure he is surrounded with chew
toys and toys so he understands what is Barney's and what is mine, and he
gets it right 95% of the time, but the other 5% I can deal with.  Nathan,
Barney really is a good dog and great company.

Every place we go people just fall in love with Barney at puppy class,
around the neighborhood.  The first thing they always says is he is soooooo
cute.  He is a very beautiful dog.

I don't mind at all;  post all his pictures and my notes all you want.  
Anyone who wants a really good dog, (don't get me wrong, a person has to
give to get) and what I mean by that is whatever time I give; Barney gives
me back triple.  We'll stay in touch.

Good Regards,

Jim and Barney V. V.

P.S. Thats a toy rabbit in the picture
"Home of the beautiful
Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
On this page you will see how our Tiny Goldendoodles look when
they are a little older and grown up. This will give you an idea what
to expect if you would like a Tiny Goldendoodle.
What our clients have to say about
their Tiny Goldendoodle...
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Mayan is an F1B Tiny Goldendoodle from Bentley and Juno. She is an her
owners have to say:

Hello Nathan,

We just realized that Mayan is just over 6 months, so we thought we better
send you some pictures:) She is doing great! We just had her spayed a
couple of weeks ago and she recovered quickly! Mayan has definitely been
a wonderful addition to the family and has kept us busy :) She is such a
friendly dog everyone always asks us to bring her with us to all the parties
as she loves everyone and is also so trusting! My friends mother suggested
she should even become a wellness dog for the hospitals as she has such a
great personality. She was also quick to house train and learns quickly.
Even the first day we brought her home we would toss her toys and she
would run and retrieve them for us right away. She loves to play with both
dogs and people, and she loves to eat everything outside!! From grass to dirt
to rocks to bugs to sticks hehe. She is getting better though, I guess that’s
just part of being a puppy. She is also very independent which is awesome
for us as she enjoys spending time with us but can still play and occupy
herself. We are sooo happy we held out for the second litter as she fits with
our family perfectly! Attached are a few pics, her coat has lightened a little
but she is still a red head :) We just had her weighed last week and she is
9.2lbs!!! So she is going to be smaller then expected as the vet said she is
full grown and will just fill out a little more! So she ended up being the
perfect size too....

Hope you and the family are doing well and that you are still breeding lots
of Mayan's!

Take Care,

Ashley and Ryan
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Charlie is a beautiful F1b Tiny Goldendoodle from Abby
and Buckwheat`s first litter. He is everything we
expected from this mating!

Hi Nathan and Marilou,

We are so pleased with our new puppy Charlie.  He is
now officially 5 months old and weighs 20 pounds.  Our
vet predicts that he will put on 5-10 more pounds before
he is done.  He looks like he is going to get bigger
because to me he seems to have such large paws.  He
reminds me a lot of Abby – which pleases me.  Take a
look at his most recent photo.  He is adorable and
learning very well in our second puppy class.  We
continue to give him his vitamins which I think is why
he is growing so nicely.  I just got in my second
shipment of TLC today.  All is good and we are
scheduled to go get him neutered on July 10th.  Is that
too soon?  

See the photo attached.  I will send more as time go by.  
He is beautifully crate trained now and house trained

Gloria, Larry, Heather and Christopher.
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Ruby is an F1B Tiny Goldendoodle from Bentley and Juno. She has that
highly sought after fleecy coat which gives her a real Teddy Bear look!

Hi Nathan,

I thought it was time to give you an update on Ruby. We LOVE her! She is
the best pet we could have asked for. Ruby has such a sweet tempermant, is
very sociable and learns quickly. Most of all, she has become a wondeful
companion for our older poodle who is now 13 years. They are practically
inseparable, playing together and snuggling together. Ruby has
rejuvinated Frankie and we expect that they will have many years of fun
together. We are all so happy that we made the right choice to choose a
puppy from one of your litters and from Juno and Bently in particular.

Thanks again and happy new year!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Zoey is an F1B Tiny Goldendoodle from Sierra and Bentley. As you can see,
she looks very much like her mom, Sierra!

Greetings Nathan & Marilou!

Time flies when you are busy and having fun! That about sums up our first
four months with Zoey who we took home at 10 weeks of age. She is now 6
months old, was just spayed, and she has doubled her weight to 15.2 lbs.
Her coat has lightened while her ears remain slightly darker or more
reddish in colour.  The most consistent comment we get from friends and
strangers is, "She's so cute! She doesn't look real!"

We can truly say that Zoey has been an absolute joy to have. She is from
Sierra and Bentley's litter. Re-reading the other testimonials posted I can
attest to the fact that your puppies share very similar characteristics! That
is, Zoey has proven to be super smart, super friendly, and super
athletic--she especially loves to jump or at her size it looks like she is
flying! Overall, Zoey is a very balanced dog in that she easily interacts
with people and dogs of all sizes; she has also managed to befriend our ten
We can truly say that Zoey has been an absolute joy to have. She is from
year old cat Izzy.  She is also balanced in temperament in that she can be
active and playful but will easily settle when everyone else in the room
settles. Consistent with the other testimonials I can share that she loves to
retrieve toys/balls (no training was required) and was quick to house train.
Her trademark (bad) habit is stealing socks! She has also taken over the cat
loft and sits on top of it to look out the front window--we say she's watching
"doggie TV".  Ironically it was only this week that she finally found her
voice and has started to let us know with her little woofies when there are

We look forward to seeing how Zoey will welcome spring and summer! We
will keep you posted. It was so hard to pick what pictures to send you. We
tried to pick only one from each month, but wanted to also capture how she
has grown.  Please feel free to edit and/or choose what you like to share in
our testimonial, but I can tell you the "jumping shot" has become a fast
favourite amongst my family and friends! I also made a collage, which
might be easiest to post.

All the best to you and your family,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sophie is an F1B Tiny Goldendoodle from Juno and Bentley. She is a
very small girl but oh, so cute!

Hi Nathan,

I apologize for taking so long to write to you but the summer was so
busy with Sophie! I also wanted to get a bunch of pictures together to
I couldn't believe how calm she was on the ride home and the way she
slept through the nights - everyone warned me I would be up all night
but it didn't happen with Sophie! From that night on, I knew she was
going to be a great puppy! She is now around 8 months and basically
full-size at just over 10 pounds. She has the softest, cutest coat - everyone
compares her to a Gund teddy bear - people honestly didn't realize she
was a dog when she was younger. She absolutely LOVES people and
giving kisses - almost to a fault! She is a beautiful apricot colour and the
smartest little dog. She was the only puppy to graduate from puppy
class, although she is quite stubborn. She learns very quickly but also
knows when she can bend the rules - and try to get away with it because
she is so goofy and cute. She is also quite vocal which is not so popular
with the neighbours. Sophie's best friend is my 1 year old cat Oliver
who she just can't leave alone. She just went for her second grooming
appointment and I think it's almost time to get rid of her puppy fur - the
curly poodle fur is coming in! I honestly can't thank you enough for
Sophie - she is perfect!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Romeo is an F1B Tiny Goldendoodle from Sierra and Bentley. He is such
a pleasant boy and Sheila is in love with him!

Hi Nathan,

Here are some pictures of “Romeo of Rockwood” who is now 7 months
old and about 15lbs.  He is from Sierra and Bentleys’ first litter.  
I had asked you for the “calmest” puppy of the litter and you offered him
to me.  He is still a very calm puppy which is mentioned by anyone who
meets him from the vet, the groomer and all those we meet on the
street.   The morning I picked him up from you, he sat on my lap while I
signed all the paperwork with you.  Since then, whenever I sit
anywhere, he feels it’s an invitation to jump up on my lap.  He quietly
sits and looks around at the scenery both inside and out.  I’ve had many,
many comments on how “cute” he is.  Most of the comments are that he
looks like a stuffed animal and not a real dog.  He has an amazing
personality, very friendly to other dogs and people.  He only barks when
one of his toys has rolled under the couch or he wants something.  He’s
not much of a “doorbell”….yet!  
He passed puppy class with flying colours but was very much a social
butterfly with the other dogs.   He’s enjoying his 2 hr hikes with his
other dog friends along the Bruce Trail and is enjoying all the new
aromas since the snow has melted.  I picked him up at the end of
November so all he’s known is snow, I’m anxious to see how he does in
the water this summer.  
I’m curious to see how his hair turns out….I’ve waited to send you
pictures until his hair grew out a little.  It’s almost half poodle and half
Golden hair; I’m still waiting for it to blend into one!  J  We’ve been
watching to see what colour it will be as well.  He has patches of dark
red like Bentley but still very light coloured over most of his body.  He
is a beautiful dog.  I’ve had people pull their car over to ask me what
kind of dog he is, they really like his size too.  I of course tell them
where I got him from so don’t be surprised if you have more people
calling about puppies.
Thank you so much for Romeo.  I am very confident that he will be a
happy and healthy dog for many years to come.

Sheila of Rockwood
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Toby is an F1B Tiny Goldendoodle from Sierra and Bentley. Here are a
few photos his owner, Metta would like to share!
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Bozo is an F1B Tiny Goldendoodle from Bentley and Juno. He has a nice
curly coat which will be the coat type you are looking for if you have bad
allergies. Here is what Bozo's owners have to say:

Hi Nathan,

Just wanted to email you some pictures, if you need any, recently taken of
Bozo at 6 months. He lives up to his name: Bozo. A real clown, a delightful
creature and a joy to have. He is very easy to train tricks but has a mind of
his own when it comes to recall but I’m sure that will change with age and
persistence on our part. He loves everybody but particularly women. If
given the chance, he will chase rabbits, butterflies and birds. He enjoys
watching golfers, sits on the grass and watches them hit balls. Can he run!
Many in our retirement community to know of Bozo because of his pleasant
disposition and beautiful apricot colour. We’ve been to puppy school and
will continue to do so. Might even take him to agility lessons since he is so
energetic and curious about all things new. Although a picky eater, his
appetite is healthy. Hope the new addition to your family has arrived

Just to let you know that at 6 months, Bozo knows how to make a bow, give
me a hug, give me a kiss, crawl, do a pirouette, roll-over, back-up, touch
me, get your leash, to name just a few. He picks it up after just a few tries.
He gets taken out 3x a day and knows when I put on my shoes, or get my
purse or just get dressed that it means a walk with him. Although the
recall needs improvement, he is just so good when I tell him to sit and stay
in front of the bathroom door until I’m finished with my shower. He just
waits until he gets the release word. He is a lot of work but such a joy. I
want to make sure that he turns into a well-balanced dog. On our walks, I’
ll let him sniff as and take in the surroundings much as he likes, for now at
least, until he is a bit older when I would like him to walk right beside me
until given the command to sniff. By the way, when we took him home, it
took only 1 day to get him potty-trained. Slept right through the night.
How lucky can you get!

Andre & Sylvia
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Her owners are in love with her as you can see and read! She spends a lot of
time on the water :).

Hi Nathan & Marilou,

Please see attached a recent picture of our little Lexie... she's about 15 lbs
now, and is every bit as you had described she would be. Soft (wow, really
soft) downy fur, sweet temperament and very smart. She actually
graduated top of her Puppy Kindergaten class, being the only one to be able
to 2 high fives, 2 rollovers, all basic commands (sit, stand, lie down),
everybody was very impressed.
She is adapting well to life on the boat, this pic. was taken this past
weekend, in Gananoque. She's learning how to swim, can spend hours in
the kayak without upsetting anything (likes to bite the water), is still
getting along well with our cat (who looks small now, compared to her). So
basically, she's a fun loving bundle of energy & affection who loves to sit
on our lap and makes everybody laugh with that goofy personality of hers.
We couldn't be more pleased with our choice and when people stop us on
our walks (like all the time), I always mention your fine establishment.
We'll send you more pictures soon.

Take care,

Celine & Pat Shank
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
very small boy!

Hi Nathan,

We picked up Teddy from you last July when he was 10 weeks old.  His
parents are Sierra and Bentley.  We have wanted to email you for awhile
now to thank-you and tell you about Teddy.  As you can see from the
pictures, we picked a good name for him. In addition to looking exactly
like a real Teddy bear, he also has the perfect temperament.  He is
extremely friendly with people and other dogs.  He runs eagerly
everyday to greet each member of the family as we arrive home.  He
loves to cuddle and settles easily when the family is having low key
time at home.  At the same time,  he's one of the more energetic dogs at
the dog park.  He is also very smart and it has been a breeze to teach him
tricks and to house train him.  We have a lot of young children in the
neighborhood and they all adore Teddy.  He is now just under one year
old and his weight is 11.5 pounds.  We all love his size as we have a
smallish house and we love how easy it is for us to pick him up.  He is
no trouble around the house although he occasionally likes to hide a sock
or shoe.  In sum, we could not be happier with little Teddy.  He has
added so much extra warmth and joy to our home.  We have
recommended Doodle Creek to many in our neighborhood.