Contact: Nathan & Marilou Erb
Atwood, ON
About the Breeder
Doodle Creek is owned and operated
by Nathan and Marilou Erb along
with our three daughters. We have
been breeding quality English
Goldendoodles  and Olde English
Goldendoodles since 2004. We are
very passionate about
Goldendoodles. This is well
displayed in the facility we have
recently built for our dogs to live in.
We spend hours each day with our
dogs. They love to romp around the
property and go on walks with us
down the trail beside our property.
We also really enjoy nature and all
the things our wonderful God has
created - see the photos below of
different scenes and wildlife taken
around our place!
Frosty Winter Morning at Doodle Creek
The walking trail that our dogs love so much!
Morning Sunrise here  at Doodle Creek
Just who is the Boss around here?
The Creek
"Home of the beautiful
Our Summer Project - A Vegetable Garden